10 Cool Denim-Jacket Outfits That Prove the Staple Is Back

Being a fashion editor, I pride myself on making savvy wardrobe decisions based on the research I’ve done for my stories. But I’m not perfect, and there’s one fashion-related regret I need to get off my chest. Not too long ago, I got into one of my frequent cleaning frenzies and purged a number of denim jackets from my closet. While I usually end up satisfied with my Marie Kondo–esque cleanouts and happy to have the extra closet (and mental) space back, I have to admit that my latest one may have gone a little too far.

You see, I rid my entire closet of any denim jackets since I hadn’t been wearing them nearly as much. Now, though, I’m afraid to share that the staple has been on a comeback tour this season (and boy do I have regrets). Thanks to the fresh ways designers like Miu Miu, Khaite, and Wales Bonner are reimagining it, the jacket style has resurfaced as a wardrobe must-have yet again, and with the help of favored denim brands such as Agolde and Levi’s, it’s accessible to everyone. Fashion people are already giving a heavy backing to beloved staple, so flip through the below denim-jacket outfits and consider this your official green light to give it another go.

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