10 Lightweight Moisturizers That Are Perfect For Summer

Rotating our wardrobes at the first sign of warmer temperatures is an innate no-brainer, but did you know that a shift in the weather often warrants some necessary tweaks to your skincare routine as well? No need to stash away every oldie and replace everything, but if you want to allow your skin to breathe while the weather heats up, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on a lightweight summer face moisturizer.

While the cooler months often call for a more dense, heavier cream-based moisturizer to combat the hyper-dryness typically associated with wintertime, your skin may thrive under less weight during the summer months. Not to say you won’t need a moisturizer at all, but instead, opting for a water-based or gel moisturizer will keep your skin refreshed under the heat of the sun without resulting in the sticky, itchy or irritating situation that might otherwise with a heavier option at this time of year. For more sensitive skin types that are prone to inflammation, these options may even prove to be your top contenders year round. Time for a vanity-top makeover – Shop a selection of 10 tried and true lightweight face moisturizers for summer below.

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