10 Summer Hats To Top Off Any Outfit

The only better than swapping out your fall and winter go-to’s for your favorite sundresses and summer shorts, is accessorizing them. It goes without saying that the sunglasses that have been sitting at the back of your closet shelves will finally be making their way out to play, and you’ve probably gotten your hands on a good number of summer handbags for the season as well. The accessory you might be for getting, but should definitely be on your list? Hats. Trendy summer hats can take an outfits from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye, and there’s no accessory that transforms an outfit the way they do.

Keeping in with craft theme overflowing from last summer, this year’s best summer hats come with intricate knit details (think crochet florals and strips), and ample color (consider this your key dopamine dressing accessory). More of a traditional girl? You’ll find more straw and raffia hat options than you can ever need, as well — all updated with trendy and modern silhouettes, of course. Whether you’re headed to the pool, packing for a vacation, or on the hunt for something to spruce up your jeans and t-shirt on a lazy day, the summer hats ahead are the kind of pieces you’ll find yourself reaching for habitually all season long.

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