13 Best Foundations for Combination Skin to Know About

When shopping for a foundation, there are always two things we pay the most attention to—the level of coverage it offers and finding the closest shade match. But, there’s one key element of the foundation selection process to consider that we don’t talk about as often—skin type. As someone with combination skin that’s also sensitive and acne-prone, I’ve definitely had to learn this the hard way. Even now as a beauty editor, I try a lot of foundations when we test them as a group (shoutout to Internet Famous), but I’ll find that a certain formula will work great for others but not for me. 

If you can relate, you’re going to want to read ahead. I asked two celebrity makeup artists to provide some insight on this topic. Below, you’ll find a  bit of advice on how to choose the right foundation for combination skin, a few application tips, and, of course, product recs for every budget.

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