15 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Thick Hair That Are So Chic

I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I have the thickest hair in the world. I typically warn stylists before I come in for a cut or color because I know it will take them longer to style than most hair. If I blow-dry my own hair, it can take me up to 45 minutes to get it dry. Maybe the worst part is how hard it is to find a hairstyle that sticks. Not enough layers, and I risk looking like a Christmas tree. Too many layers, and I look like I belong in an ’80s band. 

I recently got my hair cut by Jennifer Matos, a hairstylist at Rita Hazan Salon, and ended up with the perfect balance of layers and length. The result is bouncy and light hair that I can still comfortably pull into a ponytail or bun. “With thicker hair, over-layering can do the opposite [of what you want],” she says. “You think it will get lighter, and it will actually get heavier.”

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