18 Strapless Bra Alternatives With Rave Reviews

This summer and fall, we’re seeing a huge rise in “complicated” clothing that requires a bra situation that’s also more complicated than your average. Between cool cutouts, backless dresses, and the latest “napkin top” craze hitting the fashion world, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found yourself searching for strapless bra alternatives more than usual lately. At least, I definitely am.

The problem I have with traditional strapless bras is that they’re not always completely invisible and even the most supportive ones tend to slide down eventually. So I set out to find the best alternatives that still do the job and landed on the below 18 items I’m sharing here. From adhesive bras and pasties to Kim Kardashian-approved boob tape, these have me ready to ditch my strapless bra.

If you, too, want to forgo strapless bras without totally abandoning the support and shape they offer, keep scrolling to find some excellent alternatives that have earned tons of glowing customer reviews.

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