25 Puff-Sleeve Tops and Dresses You Need to Know

About a year ago, I remember asking my fellow fashion-industry insiders what trends they were buzzing about, and every single one of them mentioned the puff sleeve. Over time, the conversation on puff-sleeve dresses and tops has shifted from it being trend-driven to it being a wardrobe staple that everyone should have in their closet for life.

Specifically, there’s one take on the anti-trend trend that I think everyone needs in their closet. The power of a white puff-sleeve top should not go unnoticed. When you have a wardrobe staple like that in your closet, you can wear it with pretty much anything that you own. The sleeve detailing elevates the piece, and it’s a great swap for the white T-shirt you’ve worn time and again. Whether you’re more of a puff-sleeve top or dress person, the 25 pieces below will definitely catch your eye.

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