26 Trendy Hats That Cost Less Than $40

As someone who loves a good hat, I think I’m well-equipped to provide you with some shopping suggestions. What I love about hats (aside from not having to do anything to my hair on the days that I wear them) is that they provide that perfect, effortless finishing touch that really ties an outfit together and makes it look infinitely cooler in most cases. 

The other great thing about hats is that many are quite affordable. And hat trends don’t change all that frequently, so it’s likely you’ll wear your new purchase for quite some time. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Given all of this, I thought it’d be worthwhile to do some hat shopping, and I came across plenty of options that are below $40. My verdict? With hats this great, do you really need a designer one that’ll set you back hundreds of dollars? I think not.

Scroll to shop the only under-$40 hats you need to see.

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