29 Affordable Modern Classics That Are Under $100

I get such a thrill when I’m shopping and find chic items that ring in at affordable price points. And honestly, I found quite the smattering of under-$100 pieces recently that are so good that I had to share them with you. In fact, I define everything in the curation coming your way as modern classics. Basically, each piece has forward design qualities that make it particularly modern but also versatile and almost timeless at the same time. 

As a preview, I’m talking about items like button-down shirts and jeans that come in of-the-moment relaxed silhouettes. There are also pieces like easy-to-style tank tops that have unique necklines or ribbed fabrics. Oh, and if you love a dress moment, updated LBDs featuring cutouts and such are included in the offering as well. 

Keep scrolling for a shopping list of under-$100 modern classics. 


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