3 Fashion Icks I’m Leaving Behind in 2024

When I first moved to New York in my early twenties, it was as if I had suddenly gone from experiencing my life at standard speed and suddenly switched it into fast forward mode. There was so much to explore, taste, and try. Going from a college student running to class in a university sweatshirt and Ugg boots to working in fashion, was an awakening. Suddenly, I was immersed in luxury brands and emerging labels, eager to test and try a bit of everything. 

Now with over a decade in the industry under my belt, I’m much more inclined to slow down and take a more considered approach to my personal style and purchases. While I look back on some of my questionable past outfit choices with a fond sense of humor more than anything else, there are a few things that I’ve had to draw the line about. Through trial and error, I now know looking back what gives me the ick. To distill them to a singular idea, it usually revolves around choices I made that now don’t feel true to who I am or my personal style. I don’t regret them per se, we learn by making mistakes, after all! But, I do wince a little bit when I think about the money spent on things that these days wouldn’t have me looking twice.

Ahead, I’m sharing three revelations from my own styling experiences, and how I’ve learned from them moving forward. My hope is that you too, can learn from my mistakes.


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