30 Under-$150 Shoe Styles That Look Triple the Price

Correct me if I’m wrong, but looking expensive is almost always a high-up checklist item when considering what to wear. Luckily, even if I’m just slipping on a T-shirt and jeans, there are ways to tweak the combo that transition it from nothing special to low-key luxurious without actually having to drop a ton of money. My hot tip? It’s all about the shoes

Truthfully, I hate spending more than $150 on footwear and rarely do. After all, its main use is to create a barrier between your feet and the heavily trafficked streets of whatever city you live in. In other words, shoes are bound to wear down eventually, making them slightly less worthy of a large investment than a designer handbag or coat for example. Then again, in not allocating funds to your shoe budget, you have to be careful to avoid sacrificing style in the process. That’s why, over the years, I’ve become a master at picking out shoes that look like they cost $700, $800, or even $900, but actually are but a mere fraction of that. 

Ahead, I put myself to work, finding the best shoes on the market right now that despite looking triple that, cost no more than $150. Thank me later. 

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