5 Cocktails That Will Make Rum Your Favorite Spirit

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When you’re first getting into spirits, be it from partaking in happy hour events, going out for drinks with suitors or spending time two-stepping to your favorite tunes by the bar in lounges, you might feel like you need to choose a team and stay on their bench. If you’re a vodka girl, that’s your drink and you stick beside it. Like whiskey on the rocks? You’re a loyal drinker. But what about rum? The unique taste of it, whether more sweet, woody or spicy, can be intimidating to some. However, August 16 is National Rum Day, so it’s the perfect opportunity to give rum another (or your first) try. Instead of taking suggestions from me, or leaning heavily on the ol’ rum and Coke combination, check out some tasty options you can try today and onward. Pick up a beloved rum, like a Bacardi, an Appleton Estate or the buzzy Ten to One, along with some of the following ingredients and toast to making every day (in moderation of course), National Rum Day.

5 Cocktails That Will Make Rum Your Favorite Spirit
Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum

Mai Tai


2 parts Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve

.5 parts fresh lime juice 

.5 parts Orange Curaçao

.5 parts Orgeat (almond) syrup 

Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice (crushed and cubes). Shake until chilled and pour into a double old fashioned glass. Garnish with 1 lime shell and a fresh mint sprig. 

5 Cocktails That Will Make Rum Your Favorite Spirit
Ruben Pictures

Kiss & Tell


8 Mint leaves bruised in tin

1 oz Strawberry syrup

1 oz Lime

2 oz Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum

This sweet treat is courtesy of South Beach hotspot and restaurant Giselle Miami. Build in tin and strain. Serve over a large ice cube. Garnish with ½ strawberry and mint sprig. 

5 Cocktails That Will Make Rum Your Favorite Spirit



1 oz. RumHaven Coconut Rum

1.5 oz. New Amsterdam Lemon Vodka

1 oz. Cranberry juice

Squeeze of fresh lime wedge

Add ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously to combine/chill. Strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with expressed orange peel.

5 Cocktails That Will Make Rum Your Favorite Spirit
Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Ginger Piña Colada


1 ½ parts Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

1 part cream of coconut

¼ part pineapple juice

¾ homemade ginger syrup

Add Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice and ginger syrup to an empty mixing glass. Dry shake. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into highball or tiki glass. Fill with ice and garnish with candied ginger. 

5 Cocktails That Will Make Rum Your Favorite Spirit
Inn on the Square

Mermaid Water


1 oz. Malibu Rum 

1 oz. Captain Morgan 

2 oz. Pineapple juice 

1 oz. Blue Curaçao   

Dash of Sprite

Garnish with mixed fruit

Made at South Carolina’s boutique hotel, The Inn on the Square, Mermaid Water is a must. Add the Malibu and Captain Morgan Rum into a glass and top with pineapple juice and a spritz of blue Curaçao. Finish off this drink with a dash of Sprite and garnish with mixed fruit.

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