5 Lingerie Trends You Have to Replace Your Older Styles With

When the time comes to clean out your closet, one of the last places you think to look is your lingerie drawer. However, the term spring-cleaning means that we’re leaving no room for oversight in our wardrobe refreshes this time of year, and no drawer should be left untouched. The time has come to face the jumbled lingerie drawer that deserves some extra attention—just in time for your spring fling. Once you’ve seen what a good lingerie set can do for your confidence, you’ll never neglect that bin again.

I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve looked into what’s trending in the lingerie market, so I decided now would be a great time to chat with one of my favorite designers and get an expert take on it. 

Jennifer Zuccarini turns lingerie into an art form. She is the founder and designer of Fleur du Mal, and if you’ve had a glance at just one of the brand’s pieces, you know how good they are. She explained which lingerie pieces and trends she’s diving into with her next round of designs and which she is not feeling right now. Her expertise has given me guidance during my lingerie upgrade, so you should hear what she has to say too.

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