5 Simple Yet Chic Parisian Girl–Inspired Items

When it comes to fashion, let’s face it—Parisians do it best. They basically wrote the book on effortlessly chic style and have totally mastered having a versatile cool-girl wardrobe. So naturally, when looking for fashion inspiration, I turned to some of my favorite and most fashionable French girls’ Instagram accounts to take notes from the best. Throughout my search on how to have a French-girl summer, I noticed five simple items that kept showing up.

Tailored shorts paired with bodysuits and simple tank tops, basic body-con dresses you can wear anywhere, loose trousers, very mini miniskirts, and ’90s-inspired vintage sunglasses seem to be in the closets of every fashion-loving Parisian. Of course, I had to find some of the best examples of these items at my favorite retailers and make a list of my top 30 buys. 

Keep scrolling to see the simple Parisian-inspired items I’m shopping right now.

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