6 Fashion Items That Will Make Your Winter Commute Chicer

I’m here to help take the edge off winter’s sartorial bummer of trekking to the office in the cold or rain with your laptop in tow. Commutes may vary, including crowded subways, icy driveways, or chaotic daycare drop-offs (doggy or human). Needless to say, there’s always some practical hindrance to our commute that cramps our (otherwise excellent) workwear style.

There are a handful of fashion items I deem capable of entirely changing the weekday game that are so good I’m betting they’ll also find their way into your weekend wardrobe. I’m talking waterproof footwear (no duck boots, I promise), warm coats (no puffer jackets, I swear), and one somewhat controversial cozy accessory (I’m telling you, it will save your hair from the wind better than any hat ever could). Whether you can justify spending large on your workwear—I love this for you—or are on a strict budget for the New Year, there’s an option here for you that will put the “cute” back in your commute. 

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