7 Outfit Ideas Inspired by Parisian Commuters

There’s something about the fabulous commuters that travel via the busy Paris Métro. They’re focused, quiet, in a rush, and always well-dressed. Now, these are the real Parisians. You’ll see lots of people out on the streets with great style, but if they’re hoping from cab to cab, they’re probably tourists. The people brave enough to travel on the metro, however, know what’s up.

I strongly suggest entering the metro system of Paris at your own risk. I spent about a month in Paris this past spring and never walked into the metro system off guard. I frequently advised friends who were visiting to avoid the metros if they weren’t super familiar with Paris. If you look lost, you might have an unfriendly encounter with a pickpocket. Since it’s predominately locals on the subway, this became one of my best locations for people watching and discovering what true Parisian style looks like. It’s not what you think. Cheesy berets, striped shirts, and cardigans aren’t super popular underground. Instead, they favor elevated wardrobe staples. Below, find seven looks that remind me of what I saw on the Paris metro. You’re welcome.

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