9 Easy and Stylish Summer Outfits for Women

I know firsthand that there’s nothing more annoying than being challenged after saying (or yelling), “I have nothing to wear,” but I’m sorry—I must tell you that I’m here today to do just that. Despite the fact that I’m constantly shopping, I too often feel like I have no clothes, and quite frankly, it makes no sense. I have countless cute pieces in my closet, and at the very least, I have enough basics to put together summer outfit after summer outfit. What I lack at times, I realized, is the creativity or inspiration to do so.

With that in mind, I went looking—on Instagram, of course—for outfit ideas that I knew could be replicated with clothes I already own, and honestly, it was pretty easy. After finding a plethora of looks, I narrowed down my nine favorites to share with you here today because, as always, I’ve got your back. To see which made the cut and, of course, shop them if you so please—because, after all, this is Who What Wear—just keep scrolling.

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