9 Gift Ideas For The Mom In Need Of Self-Care

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Moms are the true embodiment of ‘non-stop’ because the work never ends. They can’t forfeit their responsibilities, but they can be intentional about creating time for rest and self-care. This could mean waking up five minutes earlier and listening to a meditation playlist or creating a spa at home because there isn’t enough time to go to one. 

Depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after birth are common occurrences for women with 1 in 8 experiencing postpartum depression. If you know a mom (new or a veteran in the game) who is perpetually tired or feeling like she’s losing herself, she may appreciate a Mother’s Day gift that reminds her to prioritize self-care. 

Mothers are supernatural beings who nurture and care for others every day, so they deserve the same care in return. 

Skin Nutrition

Skin care may seem like a simple task that only takes a few minutes. After being terrorized all day by a toddler or teen, it’s a task that could easily be swapped for a few extra minutes of sleep. Get a mom you know this Black-owned Hanahana Beauty Skin Nutrition mask that is comprised of natural ingredients like red clay, Maca root and willow bark. $32

YGN Silk Bonnet

Helping a mom protect her crown is a form of self-care. To ensure her hair stays intact while she enjoys her sleep, consider getting her a YGN silk bonnet. It’s got a hypoallergenic silk lining to ensure hair stays moisturized. $45

Unwind Botanical Mist and Candle Set 

Candles can do wonders when you’re stressed and at your wits’ end. This lavender, sage, thyme and rosemary mix by CandaScent Labs is the ideal remedy for a mom after a stressful day of repeating herself 10,000 times. It can also be used to help calm her nerves during the day wen she has a few minutes to herself. $126

OOLER Sleep System 

Sleep is sacred to most people, especially a sleep-deprived mom. The OOLER sleep system is a way to help a mom set a sleep temperature schedule right from her bed. If you’re wondering what the correlation between sleep and room temperature is, a poll by the National Sleep Foundation found cool room temperatures was one of the most important factors in quality sleep. Acupuncture can help improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. If you know a mom who is constantly stressed and not experiencing optimum health, consider a Modern Acupuncture gift card. It may be a game changer for her overall well-being! $639-$719.20

Fancy Homebody Satin Pj Set 

Moms often joke about wearing rags around the house because they’re so cumbered down with daily tasks. Help her feel sexy and lush again by buying her this Black-owned Fancy Homebody satin PJ set. If pink is one of her favorite colors, she’ll especially love it. $88

Skin BUTTR Gingr Lemon Scrub 

Moms deserve to take a little longer in the shower every so often (ignore the banging toddler if you have one). Try getting this Black-owned SkinBUTTR Gingr Lemon Scrub for your favorite one as a gift so she can have a luxury shower experience. The sugar scrub boasts that it leaves your muscles feeling relaxed and exfoliates your skin. $28

HVS Home Tea Connoisseur Set 

If the mom you know loves a good tea, this is a way to give her a top-tier experience while relaxing. This Black-owned HVS Home tea set includes a saucer, cup and spoon and comes in both white as well as green. $34.99

Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Set 

The nail salon is a luxury for some moms, so bringing the luxury to their home could be a good gift idea. If a mom you know loves to DIY and is creative, she may appreciate this gel manicure kit. Each kit contains an LED lamp, a bottle of gel polish, cuticle stick, nail file and remover wraps. $35

Wilde House Rituals and Wellness Journal 

It’s hard to be present when you’re managing a household, but a journal is a way to touch base with yourself.  The journal is made of 100 percent recycled stocks and has space to jot down your mood, rituals, intentions and free thoughts. $28


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