9 Summer Instagram Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2022

Instagram is an endless abyss of trends, from the newest It bag to the boots that every influencer, editor, and celeb will soon be wearing. Because of that, unless you spend hours and hours every day scrolling through the app, it’s almost impossible to catch them all. Fortunately, I do lose myself on Instagram for hours at a time—in fact, it’s a significant part of my job—and I’m all too willing to share my findings. 

Over the last week, I’ve doubled my screen time to really dive deep into the depths of Instagram and round up the trends with the most potential to go viral. And after discovering the buzzy items ahead, I can say with certainty that my increased roaming charges were wholly worth it. From this season’s color to know to the $65 sneakers to buy before they sell out, the nine trends below are among the biggest and most like- and follow-worthy on all of Instagram. Keep scrolling to shop every last one.

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