A Beauty Editor Tries Alicia Keys’s Favorite Products

I remember being really inspired when Alicia Keys announced that she wouldn’t be wearing makeup anymore. It really got me thinking about my own makeup-wearing habits and where I could potentially scale back on the number of products I was using, too. Even now, years later, I still find myself subscribing to the “less is more” philosophy and prefer to keep things simple.

To my excitement, her beauty line, Keys Soulcare recently launched a Color Collection. Basically, it’s a medley of Keys’s skin-enhancing essentials that only add to your natural complexion rather than covering it up. I knew instantly that I wanted to give these a try. I love her beauty philosophy and had a feeling her latest offerings wouldn’t disappoint. I didn’t want to stop at just the Color Collection, either. I decided to test out a few of Keys’s favorites from the Keys Soulcare skincare range as well to see if I could somehow re-create her glow. Although no one can quite be on her level, I can definitely say that the offerings from her line can at least help you get there in some capacity. If you’re curious about my thoughts on all the products after testing them out for a week, keep reading below.

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