Amal Clooney Wore Controversial Boots to the Airport

When deciding what to wear to the airport, I always have two questions in mind. First: Is it easy to wear through the security check? Second: Is it easy to use the restroom in? Things like complicated footwear, jumpsuits, and too-tight skinny pants are some of the biggest offenders that don’t pass the test, but Amal Clooney is out here throwing caution to the wind and making me deeply reconsider.

Photographed at JFK Airport, Clooney wore formfitting, over-the-knee leather boots while traveling, and I simply can’t imagine how cumbersome they’d be for TSA purposes. Plus, the stiletto heels aren’t exactly built for schlepping around the terminal. That said, she certainly looks as chic as ever, so can you blame her for wanting to photograph well? Scroll down to see her controversial airport shoes, and shop for more TSA-friendly boots. 

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