Bella Hadid Wore the Skirt Outfit I Hated in High School

Having grown up going to public school, I was in for quite the sartorial shock when I switched to private school for 9th grade. I distinctly remember going to the uniform store, trying on the horrid knee-length plaid skirts, and crying my eyes out. (Though I did feel much better when I tailored the heck out of the skirt and chopped several inches off the hemline.)

If you, too, have some not-so-fond memories of private school uniforms—and all those pesky detentions for too-short skirts—I wouldn’t blame you if you steer clear of plaid skirts, high socks, and loafers altogether. However, Bella Hadid just wore that exact combo (with some 2022 adjustments, of course) and it’s making me reconsider my stance. Naturally, she chose a very on-trend micro-mini version, which she paired with Nomasei loafers. Scroll down to see her new outfit and shop similar items. 

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