Best Beach Accessories For Summer Travel

La Roche-Posay Heavy-Duty Sunscreen

A full day at the beach calls for heavy-duty sun protection — opt for this dermatologist recommended, antioxidant-rich, and paraben-free tube that provides fast-absorbing and water-resistant coverage for sensitive skin.

Oh, and it’s also Amazon reviewer-approved: “I applied this first thing in the morning, then proceeded to work outside, all day (about 6 hours), in the blazing heat and bright NC sun. Absolutely no shade, lots of sweat, and wiping at my face throughout the day. Never reapplied it once. And guess what? It kept my very fair, fragile skin protected. Not a trace of sun exposure was visible on my face that evening or the next day. Also, my skin is very sensitive and prone to breaking out, but I had no issues whatsoever. This stuff is the real deal, folks!”

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