Best Hair Removal Creams Of 2023 For Smooth Skin

My vision problems aside, I personally love a hair removal cream because it saves me a step, and therefore time, in my beauty routine. Dr. Castilla says that, while hair removal creams are great for people prone to ingrown hairs, folliculitis (infection or inflammation of the hair follicle), or razor bumps, they can potentially be irritating for those with sensitive skin. “If left on too long, they can cause irritation or a mild chemical burn,” she says. “Therefore, it is important to follow the package instructions.” If the packaging says not to leave it on for longer than 10 minutes, it’s not just the brand doing a CYA; it’s for your skin’s health and safety. Oh, and reminder: hair removal creams should never be used on any area with a rash or broken skin. 

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