Best Hiking Boots For Women 2022 Reviews

When it comes to hiking boots, we don’t go by looks alone (as much as we really, really want to). These performance-grade kicks need to hold up to a host of elements — rain, snow, sleet, mud, and more than a little sweat — while supporting our feet and ankles over oftentimes unpredictable terrain. When shopping for a pair, there are lots of boxes to check off: Are they waterproof? Lightweight? Deeply treaded? Equipped with enough cushioning for a day’s worth of comfy hoofing? And, finally, are they at least kinda cute?!

Given the exacting standards serious hikers have for their outdoor footwear, there are enough reviews to fill an encyclopedia of online feedback. We combed them all in order to hunt down the hiking boots with enough bells and whistles to satisfy five-star requirements. In perusing the wares of brands like Merrell, Columbia, Keen, Hoka, and Teva, we looked out for the highest praise and enough R29-approved style points to help them stand out from the pack. 

Ahead are 20 such boots that are supportive and stylish enough to satisfy the internet’s pickiest shoppers (and hikers).

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