BIPOC Women Are Now Getting Spray Tans For Glowing Skin

I had dabbled here and there with sunless tanners when they first exploded onto the scene (in the Prehistoric Era), but had been put off by the labor and the smell, primarily. But that was a lifetime ago, and after learning that, apparently, I should be getting a spray tan ahead of my friend’s wedding in Mexico, I booked an appointment immediately. Given that this was my first time attempting a spray tan as an adult, I left this one to the professionals out of fear that I would wind up looking like a zebra. They asked me what my goals were — a healthy glow for my friend’s beachside wedding — and since it was my first professional experience, my tanning pro, St.Tropez Skin Finishing Expert & Celebrity Self Tanner, Sophie Evans, decided to start light and easy, and go from there. That’s the smart move, according to St. Moriz expert and makeup artist, Tarryn Feldman. “It’s hard to know what color you’ll love, so I would always start with the lightest color and go up from there. Once you’re familiar, you can figure out what works for you.”

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