Brandon Blackwood And Starbucks Create The Sip & Sling Collection

Starbucks/Brandon Blackwood

In preparation for all the summertime antics, Brandon Blackwood and Starbucks have come together for a totally unexpected collaboration; the Sip & Sling collection. And while this collaboration is one, no one saw coming, it makes perfect sense because Blackwood loves the Starbucks® Pink Drink — as pretty much any it girl does. The good news on top of the new collection is that the Starbucks® Pink Drink and Starbucks® Paradise Drink are going “ready-to-drink.” The drinks will be hitting grocery stores next week. So Blackwood had to swoop in and create a bag inspired by both drinks.

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The bags come in two colorways of bold pink and an orange ombre to embody the popular Starbucks drinks. “This is a dream collaboration for me,” said the New-York based designer. Blackwood has garnered loyal fans and customers from his fun and bold accessories and handbags (and iconic red carpet creations) that reflect his home of New York City. “My designs are a reflection of my creativity and how my community inspires me, and I credit social media with not only helping me connect with them – but driving our popularity relatively quickly over the last few years.” 

Brandon Blackwood And Starbucks Create The Sip & Sling Collection

Blackwood speaks with ESSENCE about his design process with Starbucks, “It was difficult yet simple; it was very straightforward, I think I got a lot of inspiration from the drinks. They’re both on-the-go drinks ready to enjoy. So, I really wanted the back to represent that. On one side, you have your drink, on the other side, you can store your wallet and your keys. And I do actually love the Pink Drink!” Both Blackwood and Starbucks organically align because both are community-oriented and involve customers in an interactive process.

Brandon Blackwood And Starbucks Create The Sip & Sling Collection

“I love that [the collaboration] is kind of unexpected, but when you go to the core of it, it actually makes sense. I think this collaboration will open up more possibilities and opportunities for other smaller designers like myself,” Blackwood reflects. “Starbucks is huge, and I think just being able to work with them on a really cool project is awesome for me, but, I think, it shows that wherever creativity is accepted, there can be more collaboration.”

The Brandon Blackwood + Starbucks™ Sip & Sling Collection will be shoppable for pre-sale on (there’s already a countdown!) on April 28th at 12 PM EST/9 AM PT/ for $75. The campaign is also supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters in Starbucks’s initiative to give back to communities that seek justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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