Chopper From MTV’s ‘Making The Band’ Extradited On Sex-Trafficking Charges

Photo by: Dimitrios Kambouris

Chopper, former star of MTV’s Making The Band, has been extradited to Las Vegas on charges of sex trafficking.

According to TMZ, the rapper born Kevin Barnes was arrested in Maryland earlier this month, with authorities claiming that the former reality star was operating as a pimp.

The legal documents state that Chopper reached out via a direct message on Instagram to an undercover police officer posing as a sex worker. Nevada state police claim that the rapper made an offer to the undercover cop on a way to make money through prostitution, which ultimately led to an official investigation. Authorities then searched through Chopper’ social media account and found several posts regarding pimping and the like.

Per the TMZ report, authorities referenced a specific image of the New Orleans rapper sitting on a plane with his caption reading, “Sendin em,” followed by a money bag and crown emoji.

During phone calls, authorities said that Chopper spoke about traveling frequently, and bragged about his seven homes across the country, including one in Las Vegas. He also told the undercover official that Vegas was no longer a safe place for this operation due to an increased level of law enforcement crackdowns in the area.

Chopper allegedly conducted an interview with the official, and upon them passing the test, he said that he would make them part of his “team” and “stable.” The undercover cop then claimed that Chopper began to speak aggressively over the phone and ordered them to pack some bags and meet him in Charlotte, N.C. to join his “stable.”

Authorities state they stalled by telling Chopper by saying they were afraid to leave. After he tried to force them to make the trip over the phone, the rapper got angry and demanded $2,000 from the undercover officer.

Nevada state police claim that with social media posts, direct messages and phone authorities had enough evidence to arrest and charge Chopper with felony sex trafficking. The story is currently developing.

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