Cozy Dressing Is Fully Underway—8 Pieces the Celebs Own

Even though temps have been anything but consistent this fall, my cozy items have come out of storage and into my home. Fluffy Uggs, oversize sweaters, and shearling accessories are just the beginning of my collection at this moment. I’m still looking for more. 

Most celebrities have professionals curating their wardrobes for them, so I often find the best of the best in street style imagery. Yep, there’s nothing I love more than an unposed, unedited image of a celebrity running out of their apartment to pick up a coffee. It’s the activewear and cozy moments that get the best reaction out of me, as I immediately scour the web to find out what exactly it is that they’re wearing. I’ve done the digging on the eight looks below and can tell you that they’re worth looking into.

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