Daphne & Harper Make White Lotus Season 2 Fascinating

For Plaza, the forced proximity to Daphne brings up a lot for her character, primarily her own personal insecurities. “[Harper’s criticism is] coming from a place of quiet, almost jealousy in a way,” she says. Jealousy at Daphne’s affectionate relationship with her husband, the fact that she has kids, and her general happiness, even if those are all things Harper has made clear, at least on the surface, that she doesn’t necessarily need. Plaza points to a fight between Harper and Ethan (Will Sharpe) in episode 2, where the latter calls out his wife for her continued criticism of the couple and their “bogus” relationship, telling her: “You always do this with certain people, it’s like you have to find them deficient in some way compared to you.” According to Ethan, it’s a way to self-soothe when she feels threatened. Harper, of course, scoffs and denies that they — and Daphne — are a threat to her. But Plaza doesn’t buy it. “Maybe she believes that they’re not, but I think deep down inside, it comes from a place [where] maybe she does feel threatened by someone that just seems like they have it all together,” she says.

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