Dedcool Milk Layering and Enhancer Fragrance Review

Remember the much-more-luxurious-than-it-needed-to-be detergent we were all raving about last year? Good news, fragrance enthusiasts: It’s also a perfume! Our obsession with clean scent imprint DedCool‘s signature Milk scent is real — and worry not, there’s no actual dairy involved. If you can’t get enough of the brand’s high-end laundry soap, you no longer have to sit around your house sniffing the container (guilty) — now you can wear it on you all day long. The Milk Layering + Enhancer Fragrance, with its musky and fresh notes, can be layered under perfumes (like the name suggests) or can be worn on its own. No matter how you choose to use it, the magic of its complex simplicity defies description. However, to eliminate the possibility of buyer’s remorse, I’ve attempted the impossible task of describing the fragrance ahead. Keep scrolling to read my review of the genderless scent that’s rendered me speechless.

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