Does The 4 Dot White Eyeliner Trick Actually Work?

When it comes to applying the white-dot makeup, you can replicate the TikTok technique, but that style seems a little extreme for day-to-day wear. Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey offered a less conceptual, more daywear white-eyeliner vibe for someone who wants to keep the dots on their face to natural freckles: “One of my tricks is to draw a quick line on the upper lash line, as just a cool, white liner,” Dempsey says. “But you can also use white liner all over your lid, up to your crease, and then smudge it out and use it as an eye brightener. If your eyelids are a little dark, this is a great tip.” In general, Dempsey’s advice: Incorporate white eyeliner. If you need a product rec, Dempsey makes a bright-white khol pencil that’s more forgiving than a liquid formula.

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