Dove’s Newest Deodorant Line Is Natural, Vegan And Plant Based

If you’re even remotely online, you’ve probably come across a slew of morning routine tips and advice. Think pieces and social media posts around things such as how to make your morning routine more productive, or more calm, or faster, or more intentional are certainly of no shortage. If it reveals anything, though, it’s that morning routines are one of the most varied processes there is from person to person. But, if there’s one thing many of us have in common (though there are exceptions for one reason or another), it’s that many of us are swiping on a dose of fresh-scented deodorant before heading out of the door every day. You might even go so far as to say many of us are definitely reaching for Dove, the personal care brand that’s been at the helm of the industry since the 1950s. Committed as you may already be to the brand, it just got even better, recently launching Care by Plants – Its first natural origin, plant-based deodorant line.

The launch comes at a time when consumers are demanding thoughtfully produced and designed products more now than ever, and it’s safe to say Care by Plants hits the nail on the head. Dove’s 24 hour odor protection remains the same, but with its new line comes changes that can only mean increased benefits for both you and the environment. From a formulation standpoint, each Care by Plants stick is derived from 99 percent natural ingredients, along with 100 percent natural origin fragrances stemmed from essential oils. From a packaging standpoint, the collection ensures your newest deodorant comes with 96 percent recycled materials. All together, you’ve now got yourself a morning routine that’s that much more sustainable, no matter how otherwise varying.

Dove took to Los Angeles Tuesday to celebrate the March launch with a fitting plant-based lunch with friends of the brand, deep diving into the line’s unique, natural ingredients. Now, it’s your turn to get a whiff if you haven’t already. Boasting an offering of four fragrances, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sandalwood and Tea Tree, shop the lineup below.


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