“Dream Exchange”—The First Minority Stock Exchange—Just Secured A Major Investor

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Dream Exchange, the first minority stock exchange, just gained a new investor.

National health strategist Celeste A. James’s investment will help the organization support Black businesses.

“My family is beyond excited to join Dream Exchange to create opportunities for small- and mid-sized companies in the marketplace,” James said in a statement. “Our late father was an avid stock market investor. He saw it as a pathway to generational wealth, but he never had a platform to support Black and Brown business owners, who often struggle to get growth capital. We have no doubt he’s smiling down from above at this game-changing venture!”

Celeste A. James
Celeste A. James

“Celeste A. James’s investment serves as a powerful catalyst for the organization’s mission to empower minority-owned businesses and to create opportunities for them and the communities they serve,” said Joe Cecala, Founder and CEO of Dream Exchange. “Her involvement with our mission will undoubtedly shape the path forward, fostering change, growth, and prosperity for those who have historically been underrepresented in the public capital markets.” 

There are no other minority-owned stock exchanges and only 1 minority-owned company to list on the NYSE in the 200+ year history of stock exchanges in the US.

“Celeste’s investment is a testament to our shared vision of a more equitable and accessible public capital market,” Dwain Kyles, the Managing Member of DX Capital Partners, LLC. “At the heart of all our investors is the recognition that access to capital markets is a fundamental requirement for business growth and expansion. We are excited to work together with dedicated people like Celeste in making this vision a reality.”

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