Every Item on My 58-Year-Old Aunt’s Shopbop Wish List

For as long as I can remember, my aunt has had the most interesting style. Whether she was marching to the beat of her own drum or jumping on the latest trends, there was never a doubt in anyone’s minds that she was going to be the best dressed in any room she walked into. Naturally, her love of personal style and all things fashion trickled on down to me, and here I am, years later, writing about all of the above for a living. 

Since my aunt’s friends are constantly asking her where she bought certain items, I figured some of you might have similar inquiries, which is why I decided to ask her for her most up-to-date Shopbop wish listShopbop is one of her go-to retailers for everything from designer finds to affordable basics. We often text each other links to new items we’re eyeing, and today, you get a sneak peek into what our conversations look like—just in the Who What Wear story format instead of our frantic texts.

Below, you will find her comprehensive list of must-have Shopbop items along with her quotes on why she loves each item. If you weren’t in the mood to shop before, you certainly will be by the time you’re done scrolling. 

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