EXCLUSIVE: Watch Keke Palmer’s New KeyTV Series Make It Make Sense

Long masturbatory showers. Being left out of the group chat. Going on vacations as the hired help. These are just some of the hilarious and personal (maybe too personal?) topics tackled in the first episode of the unscripted chat series, Make It Make Sense, the latest from Keke Palmer’s new digital network, KeyTV.

If you know you know — who among us hasn’t had group chat FOMO — and if you don’t, well, KeyTV’s Make It Make Sense is here to help you figure it out.

In the premiere episode of the show from Keke Palmer’s new digital network, the co-hosts dive into discussing some of the best memes, moments, and videos that live rent-free in our heads and all of our timelines.

Described as the “comments section come to life” by co-creator Keke Palmer, Make It Make Sense is a host chat series that puts your favorite memes on blast and breaks down all of those videos that make your For You page feel so personal. From tackling dealing with intrusive thoughts to figuring out to dip out of the party early, the hosts gets real about all the reasons we stay inside and stay on our phones.

Co-created in collaboration with our very own Chelsea Sanders from Unbothered, the show is co-hosted by Bryce Xavier, Ruba Wilson, Maura Chanz, and Karmyn Moton, internet stars in their own right, who all have different takes on those daily memes and definitely know their way around viral content.

Premiering today, exclusively with Unbothered, new episodes of Make It Make Sense will be dropping every Friday on KeyTV Network’s YouTube and Facebook.

And just like your favorite group chat, the series brings conversation, commentary, and culture together with a relatable edge. If you’ve ever wanted to kiki with your fave viral stars or just take a break from the chaos of the latest controversy dominating the discourse, this show is for you.

Get into the first episode below, and then run to your timelines to tell us what you think!

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