Executive Assistant Living Nomadically — Money Diary

Occupation: Executive Assistant
Industry: Non-profit
Age: 36
Location: Nomadic since March 2020; Mexico currently; San Francisco before that
Salary: $109,200
Net Worth: $96,835.19 (Emergency fund: $16,434.68, down payment savings: $19,533.45, checking account: $2,270.90, guilt-free fund for spending on anything I want: $1,066.77, Roth IRA: $38,436.59, 401(k): $17,460.02, crypto: $421.07, Kiva loans: $212.68, stocks in past company: $3,696, minus $2,696.97 on my credit card. I bought tickets to South America and I’m paying them off slowly because I have 0% interest. Usually it’s paid off in full every billing cycle. My partner, R., and I keep our finances separate and split most things 50/50. He tends to pay more often when we eat out because he makes more than I do.)
Debt: $2,696.97 on my credit card
Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $2,799
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Housing Cost: $1,633 (This is for my half. It’s the monthly average we’ve spent in 2021 on hotels and Airbnbs while traveling. I keep a spreadsheet, and we split the cost 50/50. I anticipate spending a similar total for 2022.)
Phone: $70
Spotify: $15.99 (I have friends and my mom on my account.)
Boombox Storage: $67.50
New York Times: $4
Savings: $1,200
Roth IRA: $500
401(k): $864.50 (Pre-tax from my paycheck, my employer matches)

Annual Expenses:
Car Insurance & Registration: $970 (My van has been parked at my dad’s house for the last eight months, and I didn’t plan for a non-op registration unfortunately.)
Natural Cycles: $89.99 (birth control app)
Google Storage: $19.99
Scott’s Cheap Flights: $24
American Express Credit Card Fee: $95

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