For Mother’s Day, I Gave My Mother Her Very First Makeover

I’ve always prioritized self-care, but it became even more so during the pandemic. During that period, I did a lot of manis and pedis, went deeper into my skincare routine, and made time to care for my body by increasing my meditation and exercise to boost my mood and create serenity within. Every second of it was fantastic!

Despite the fact that I spent most of my self-care time alone or with my sisters, I never had the opportunity to do so with my mother due to our conflicting schedules, which made it impossible for us to link up.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I knew I wanted to do something a little different with our mom than we usually do. My sisters and I typically prepare a wonderful brunch for her, and my father takes her to her favorite restaurant, but this year we wanted it to be something special.

We opted for a Mother/Daughter Spa Treatment at NBeauty Inc. in Ardmore, PA after having a meeting of the minds and connecting with our wonderful friend Afea Tucker.

Since 2009, NBeauty, Inc. has served as a luxury spa experience with price points that people can afford. “I want everyone to feel and know that they can get that upscale service experience, even on their college student budget,” says salon owner, Naeemah Johnson.

With two locations including the one in Philadelphia, PA, we chose the Ardmore location because it had so much to offer. From hair to massages, to makeup application, getting the best of a spa treatment is all under one roof. “Clients were asking for these services and I aim to please,” Johnson tells ESSENCE exclusively. “I want people to leave with that weight lifted off their shoulders after leaving our salon. Image and self-care are so important to mental health and I want to be the peace, laughter, and serenity even if it’s just for a few minutes.”

Excited about the services, we decided on the Mother’s Day Special that included, a silk press, facial, and natural makeup with semi-lashes extensions. 

When we arrived, we were met by a courteous staff who gave us a tour of the facility, which included a private area for clients who were hesitant to have a makeover in an open environment.

Ms. Cookie, our hairstylist for the day, was amazing and vivacious, providing plenty of laughs as well as expert advice on how to maintain proper hair care at home. She washed, blow-dried, and silk pressed my mother’s hair with care as she washed, blow-dried, and trimmed mine. “I think that when daughters see their moms caring for themselves, it sets the example of how important it is to care for yourself,” she says while massaging my scalp with products from N Beauty, Inc. 

Once my mom got to see her hair transformation, needless to say, she was pleased with the results. “I really loved my experience with Cookie. She was not only inviting but so very informative about what I can do to improve my hair care routine, especially now that my hair has been experiencing changes as I get close to 50,” Heather Elitou tells us. “I will definitely come back to sit in her chair.”

We moved on to the makeup application, which was done by Lauren P., the resident makeup artist, after the very relaxing hair care therapy. Lauren began her professional career at Sephora, nearly 15 years ago. Her resume also includes consulting for luxury brands such as Christian Dior, Smashbox, and Anastasia, to mention a few.

This was my mother’s first time ever having her makeup applied! She’s dabbled in gloss and a smidgeon of lipstick, but a full-on beat? Wild horses couldn’t drag her into a cosmetic chair until today, thanks to Lauren’s TLC, which made my mother feel at ease with the transition by talking her through it one step at a time. 

“Lauren was a doll, I truly enjoyed our conversation and she made me at ease with getting my face beat,” my mom says while smiling after her new look. “She kept me in the know and made me think about makeup differently.” 

Lauren is all about the Mommy/Daughter experience, especially as a mom with a young lady in bloom. “I think this is a fun moment for both. With the daughter having an age-appropriate application, along with both learning to care for the skin properly, it can give them something to bond over in years to come, especially if they take what they learn and do it at home.”

Dayanna M., who began her first day at the salon by giving her client a big chop that turned out stunning, with a beautiful sheen, and Brielle C., who was responsible for a sensational silk press for a young client who had thick, long, and lustrous hair like a lion’s mane, are two other wonderful staff members to mention.

Overall, we had a great day at NBeauty, Inc., and we’re excited to schedule our next appointments.

Visit to discover more about NBeauty, Inc. and the Mother’s Day Special for $285.

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