Gayle King Announces She Tested Positive For COVID-19

(Photo by Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images)

Broadcast journalist Gayle King has tested positive for COVID-19. 

On Monday, the CBS Good Morning co-host announced the diagnosis in an Instagram video. “OK, the thing I’ve been dreading has finally happened,” she shared in the clip. “I just tested positive for… I got the ‘Rona.” 

“They ran a test, another test, we’re going to take one more just to be sure. But in the meantime, I’ve been asked to leave the building and go home,” the 67-year-old talk show host explained. 

While sharing the news, King was approached by co-anchor, Nate Burleson, in the lobby of the CBS studios.

“Hi Gayle,” Burleson said as he checked in on his co-host. “You good?” Following the brief encounter, Burleson was asked to distance himself from King as a safety precaution since he was unmasked at the time. She wore two masks at the time.

King concluded the video by adding that she was in fact, “double vaxxed and boosted,” before being escorted out of the studios.   

A few hours later, King shared a video update to her Instagram confirming that after four rounds of COVID tests, it was time to accept the reality that her results were, in fact, true.

“I’ve had three PCR tests all positive, then I came home and took an at-home test, two lines means it’s positive. That’s not good,” she shared. “So I’ve had four tests that all said positive. I was hoping against hope that it would be another false alarm because I’ve had two of those before.”

In light of CBS COVID protocols, King shared that she gets tested “all the time” and even tested negative on Friday. It wasn’t until Saturday that she woke up with a slight cold but “wasn’t overly concerned” about the symptoms. 

While it’s still unclear to King where she might have contracted the virus, she concluded the video by reiterating her vaccination status and hopes that her symptoms remain moderate. 

“I can say the ‘Rona finally got me, and I’ve been trying really hard to avoid it. But I’m so glad I’m double boosted and double vaxxed. And let’s just hope that my symptoms stay mild because right now it really does feel like a cold, a slight cold.”

We wish King a swift recovery.


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