Girlfriend Collective Alternative Binder Now On Sale

TikTok has become an online destination for all the need-to-know fashion tips, tricks, and hacks you weren’t expecting. Depending on your For You page, you may already know about the now-famous Girlfriend Collective sports bra being touted as a binder alternative. My own TikTok algorithm has been serving me up lots of trans and non-binary folks that seemingly can’t get enough of this surprising hack. Recommended by and for those with bigger breasts for whom traditional binders may be uncomfortable, the Dylan Tank Bra seemed perfect for me. I’m a 38H, and, while it would be impossible for me to ever be completely flat, I was curious and excited to try a binder alternative that could be super compressive and actually pleasant to wear. I also decided to try another less-compressive sports bra from GC, the Mia High Neck, to see how it stacked up.

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