Honest Review Of Rare Beauty Lip Oil By Selena Gomez

“I love Rare Beauty’s lip products and think the brand doesn’t get its proper flowers, so I was hyped for these. I also love lip oils, especially the ones from innBeauty Project. So would I say this is an oil? Not in the absolute slightest. To me, it feels, and performs, closer to a lip tint than anything else. That said, it’s much more moisturizing than a standard lip tint, so if you’re looking for that effect without concern of drying out your lips, this is exactly what you want. Still, I really like these, despite the package not matching the label. I’m wearing Affectionate here with a lip liner from Juvia’s Place, but I layered Affectionate and Happy together when I first tried them out and they made this gorgeous light mauve I just adored. They’re almost good enough that I’ll give them a pass on not being a true lip oil.”

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