How Love Affects The Skin– According To An Esthetician

Graphic by Samantha Mims.

Love has a way of making us feel so many emotions at once. There may be feelings of craving a romantic attachment, or the desire to be reaffirmed in any growing relationship whether it’s with your friends, your partner or yourself.

A lot of this is connected to oxytocin, which is also known as the “love hormone.” This chemical messenger produced in our brain controls how we individually respond when we give and receive love. It also explains the glow that naturally exists when someone is experiencing happiness.

That said, in honor of Valentine’s Day being a day away, I asked three friends what their first date-approved skincare product is and how the love hormone affects them in the stages of falling in love– all in hopes of getting you in the mood for love (and self-care), too.

Age: 33   City: New York City   Status: Dating 

Her first date-approved skincare product: “I absolutely cannot live without my Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum by The Ordinary. It’s a cost effective must-have hydrating booster that works wonders for my skin, both day and night.”

On the “love hormone” and beauty: “Love has always been at the heart of how I see myself, inside and out. It’s the feeling of radiance that inspires me to take care of myself, whether it’s treating myself to a spa day or dressing up for a special evening with a loved one, the overarching intention is to feel and look my best. Ultimately, it’s about loving myself and accepting that beauty comes from within, illuminating every aspect of my being and shining through in all that I do.”

Age: 31  City: Brooklyn  Status: Single 

His first date-approved skincare product: Mixsoon Bean Essence! Instant glow and hydration for my skin. If I’ve been well behaved (sober) for one week using this, everything else falls into place.”

On the “love hormone” and beauty: “When I’m getting loved on by a man and there’s a mutual energy exchange, the glow is undeniable. To feel up close and personal with someone, I make an effort to uplift my skin health to appear a fresh and recognizable difference every encounter. Ready to be inhaled at any moment by him.

Although, whether I’m getting loved on by a man or lovin’ on myself, I make it a priority to find that beauty within myself first. I’m far from perfect, but I do think the visual ritual check ins with myself makes me feel most beautiful and loved.”

Age:56  CIty: Las Vegas, Nevada  Status: Married 

Her first date-approved skincare product: Tru Skin Essentials is my current go to for my external skin care. For my internal skin care and nourishment, I supplement with Health Direct Amino Sculpt Collagen, along with drinking lots of water.”

On the “love hormone” and beauty: “Being in love and feeling the emotions of love bring so many health benefits, especially for my skin. The unconditional love that I receive from my husband as well as the unconditional love that I give my husband, makes me feel really happy and fills me with joy. Being in this state of bliss increases the blood flow and oxygen to my skin, essentially giving me the love glow. I feel organically beautiful when I not only nourish my skin, but also nourish my spirit, soul, mind, and body.”

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