How Much?? See How Little Each Of These Actors Were Paid For Pivotal Roles

Black actors and actresses have long had steeper hills to climb than those of their white counterparts. Everything from casting disparities to low role availability, from stereotypical typecasting to the insistence that “Black doesn’t sell.” That’s all before they even get to complete their job and see that the check associated with it comes up shorter than one would expect. 

With the resurfaced info that James Earl Jones took under $10k to voice one of the most iconic villains of pop culture media history, comes the realization that his story, though it occurred in the 1970’s, is still aall too common today. 

Take a look at some of the stars of the big screen that took home less than what most Americans make in a year – not to mention FAR less than many actors from other cultures would ever be asked to accept  – to star in roles that would become iconic and films/shows that would garner critical acclaim, high awards honors, and box office success.

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