I Tried New Kerasilk Hair Treatment For Frizz: Review

The salon professional hair-care line Kerasilk, which is part of the larger Goldwell brand offerings, recently relaunched a new-and-improved treatment that hairstylist Harry Josh, an ambassador for the brand, describes as the “Goldilocks” of smoothing treatments: It’s adjustable, so your stylist can tweak it until it’s just right for you. If you want to smooth or straighten the hair for a result similar to a keratin treatment, you can build the treatment to max strength by allowing it to sit on the hair and then applying heat to seal it. If you want a lighter result to cut down on frizz without altering the natural hair pattern, there’s a diluted, “refined” version. I recently visited Clare Malarkey at Voe Studio to try out the latter.

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