Idris And Sabrina Elba On Their Love, Season 2 Of Their ‘Coupledom’ Podcast

If there’s one couple Idris Elba would love to have a conversation with, deceased or alive, it would be President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

“I think their relationship and their partnership both in love and in work and in duty is incredible,” he tells ESSENCE.

As for his wife, model and social media personality Sabrina Elba, it would be former couple Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston.

“I’m sure they had stuff people could learn from,” she says. “I’m sure!”

Having conversations with couples and dynamic duos is something that the Elbas love to do. It’s become a dream job for them, as the pair host an Audible podcast called Coupledom With Idris and Sabrina Elba, which officially debuted its second season on May 19.

“We started the podcast as a way for us to learn and grow ourselves, and that’s addictive,” Sabrina says. “At least to me. I love hearing people talk about times that were tough for them or times that they had growth or times they had to get through something. I love that.”

In this second season, the couple will speak with more duos of all kinds, including sisters Rita Ora and Elena Ora, a creative partnership in former Game of Thrones showrunner Ryan Condal and GOT author George R.R. Martin, husband and wife and Hollywood royalty Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and more. Each chat is meant to be an open, honest conversation about the ups and downs of “living a shared life.”

Living a shared life, both in love and in work, wasn’t always the easiest for the couple, but it’s something they genuinely find joy in.

“We had to take an educational curve on how to work with each other in the best and most efficient way. Busy lives and obviously we wanted to nourish our relationship,” Idris says. “I think we do a good job of it now and I think one of the things we both are keen on is being open.”

So in the spirit of openness and “dispelling” perceptions about them, the couple shared two very interesting things about their relationship that people may not expect: they’re a very goofy husband and wife pair despite the serious image some may think they have, and they’re also gamer nerds.

“We can be in the same house on two different gaming consoles and go at it,” Idris says. “We don’t have that much time to do it because Sabrina can play for five to six hours straight. I can too, but less.”

“If I have a new game, I have to finish it,” Sabrina admits. “I like to put in the time for a week and them I’m done. I don’t have the whole week but I will dedicate some space and move some time to finish it.”

Learn more about the gorgeous couple’s relationship, the new season of Coupledom and how they make each other better in our exclusive chat above.

The new season Coupledom With Idris and Sabrina Elba can be found over at


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