Living Proof’s Curl Line Is A One-Stop Shop For Moisture And Hydration

Whenever I think about the beloved brand Living Proof, my immediate thought is its incredible dry shampoo. Ever heard of Perfect hair Day? Yep, that’s them — the spray that leaves the hair silky soft and cleansed for days-on-end. Its products are straight to the point. No frills, yet draped in impeccably sleek packaging, with multi-use formulas that demystify lofty hair care routines. In short, you only need one or two products to achieve your desired style.

When it comes to curls, however, that number is three — still a number significantly lower than us curly girls are used to. So when a product hoarder like me got the chance to see if I could really cut my curl routine in half, I needed little convincing.

Ahead, check out the Living Proof trifecta that’s living proof (no pun intended) that less really is sometimes more.

Living Proof Curl Shampoo

Usually shampoos are associated with cleansing, not as much strengthening. Because that’s what conditioners are supposed to be for, right? Well, certainly not in this case. The Living Proof Curl Shampoo starts the defining process before any conditioning begins, thanks to a Healthy Curl Complex and conditioning agents that blend together for ultimate hydration.

This low-lather, no suds formula leaves the hair feeling clean but not stripped — and must I mention frizz-free. For best results, I begin cleansing the scalp while dry, then incorporating water working my way down the hair shaft — that way, I ensure an even clean that penetrates deep.

Living Proof Curl Conditioner

My curly girls know, it can take what feels like (and sometimes is) hours to make our curls clump properly. We’ll sit in the shower or in front of a mirror for an endless amount of time, separating small sections, saturating them in product, and twirling them around our finger in hopes that we’ll achieve the perfect definition and grouping. However, for the first time ever, I’ve experienced a conditioner that does all that work for me.

Here’s what I do: I work a generous amount into my curls and begin finger detangling from root to tip. Like clockwork, my curls are ultra-defined, separated enough, but clumped perfectly so that every inch of my hair looks like it was given that individualized attention.

An hour saved on wash day? Yep, count me in.

Living Proof Curl Definer

Shea butter, amino acids and other good-for-the-hair emollients make this curl defining cream a coil dream in a bottle. As if the shampoo and conditioner weren’t already enough — this is the item that will take your curls over-the-top to new heights. Seeing as my hair is already defined (from the shampoo and conditioner, of course) I take a small amount of this and gently runch it into my generously damp curls.

After application, I diffuse until dry, pick for volume, and before my eyes are bouncy, defined, lightweight and hydrated curls that were made possible in just three steps.

So if you’re like me, a busy girl who’s come to dread wash day because of all that it involves, take my advice: Switch your routine out with these three Living Proof products, and watch your entire attitude change.


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