Lizzo Confirms She’s Taken, Says Her Fame Doesn’t Affect Relationship

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One of many things we love about singer and songwriter Lizzo is her confidence, and there’s a special someone who likes it too. The performer, whose name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, recently confirmed that she is currently in a relationship in an interview on the SiriusXM Radio Andy show with Andy Cohen. 

Cohen asked Lizzo whether she was still with the secret man photographers spotted her with earlier this year (and in October last year). “You were photographed in LA in February at Craig’s with a mystery man. Are you guys still together?” he asked.

The singer responded after breaking out in a laugh of complete shock.

“Yeah, whatever, yeah. Yeah, yeah yeah. Whatever. Whatever! Yeah!”

We also got glimpses of mystery bae on the superstar’s Instagram on what seemed to be a baecation back in March.

When Andy asked if it was challenging to date while famous, Lizzo made it known that her status as a superstar doesn’t get in the way of her love life. 

“If you have the right person, no, not at all,” she shared. “It’s not even a factor. It should be mutually supportive no matter what that person does.”

Her man is still a mystery as she hasn’t formally revealed his identity, but she did share more info, saying he supported her while she hosted Saturday Night Live on April 16. Interestingly, during the opening monologue set, she joked about the rumors of her “dating every little white boy in Hollywood.”

“They think I’m collecting members of One Direction like Infinity Stones,” she said. “I even heard a rumor that I’m pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby. I have no idea where that one started.”

She added, “It could be the TikTok I did where I said, ‘I’m pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby. It’s called manifesting.” 

Lizzo definitely seems happy with her beau, and if she likes it, we of course, love it. 


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