Maybe Having No Filter At Work Is A Good Thing, Actuall

Personally, losing most of my filter has led to some of my best story ideas. But, recently, I started thinking about the filter I used to apply and why. Was my newfound inclination to speak up about both condiments and my personal life… okay? I’ve decided — sure it is! It always makes sense to think before you speak, and I usually do, especially if it’s about something important. But, in a creative field like mine, censoring yourself can stifle creativity and relationship-building. Since I started bringing more of myself to work, I’ve gained some life-long mentors and friends, and have gotten to know more about my coworkers in a way I never thought possible when I was sitting at my intern desk, feeling like an uncomfortable outsider (if a very polite one!). I feel like I traded in my workplace filter for connection, and suddenly found my workplace soul. 

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