Megababe Geo Deo Review 2022

I started using Geo Deo back in the late fall of 2021. It wasn’t intentional to be completely honest. I ran out of my Secret gel deodorant and remembered I’d received a PR package with a few Megababe deodorants in it. Although the Green Deo and the Smoothie smelled wonderful, my body’s chemistry worked best with the blue Geo Deo. The deodorizing mineral mix of baking soda, kaolin clay, zinc oxide, and magnesium hydroxide was perfect for combatting my body’s B.O. and smelled clean and light (it’s scented with eucalyptus, cedarwood, and mint) as well. Too much baking soda in deodorant can alter skin’s pH balance and cause irritation. However, only half of the standard amount was used in Geo Deo for the perfect mix of impactful ingredients.

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