Mother’s Day Gifts To Help Moms Reconnect With Themselves

Losing your identity is easy to do when you’re inundated with motherhood duties every day. There is a plethora of information online about how not to lose yourself but it’s often easier to read about than to do. 

Sometimes it takes a little support and encouragement to get a mom back on the path back to connecting with herself. Mother’s Day is a perfect time to extend that encouragement and remind the mamas in your life that they have identities beyond parenting

Here are a few gift ideas that can nudge a mom you know to take time out to reconnect with herself. Some things on this list might help remind her of who she is, what she enjoys, what feels good to her, and how to take care of herself. 

Soul Study Self Love Journal 

Moms barely have any time to themselves, so the little time they do have is usually sacred. A journal is one way to use her downtime to connect with herself. Consider gifting her the Soul Study Self Love Journal. It contains daily prompts—115 to be exact. The prompts are “Therapy Journaling Technique questions for healing, self love & reflection,”  according to their website. This gift could be a great aid for a mom who wants to better learn herself and her needs. 

Pay For a Hobby 

Not everyone has time to engage in hobbies, but it can be even more of a challenge for people with children. Hobbies are a way to help us stay present, unwind, tap into our creativity, or simply spend time with ourselves. If you know what a mom in your life’s favorite pastime is, look for classes and consider paying for one or a few. For instance, if she enjoys painting, sign her up for painting classes. If it’s gardening, help her buy her tools.

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Remind her to create time for something she enjoys doing and make it easier for her to actually do it. 

Vie Beauty Rose Water 

Let’s be honest, keeping up with a skin care routine can be tough for any working adult. However, it can be worth the extra work since our skin can have an impact on our self-esteem. To help a mom get back to herself and feel her best, consider buying Vie Beauty Rose Water. It’s an easy and quick way to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Buying a single skincare product for a mom who doesn’t have a skincare routine can help her ease back into caring for her skin. It may feel less overwhelming than presenting her with five. This product is also cute for a mom with a young daughter as they have a Mommy & Me Set

Virtual Pleasure Mapping Session

Pleasure can sometimes be at the bottom of your priority list when you have kids to care for. However, life isn’t just about working and motherhood–you deserve to enjoy pleasure too. It can come in the form of sensual touch or slowing down to derive pleasure from the food you eat. 

Consider getting a mom the gift of a pleasure mapping session. It’s a way to explore the erotic zones in your body without sex or orgasm being the end goal. 

You could book a pleasure mapping session with Andrea Richardson, owner and founder of Womb Care Womxn. She provides one-hour virtual sessions.

A Headspace Subscription

Only buy this as a gift if you know your mom-friend or lover is going to actually use the subscription. The Headspace app offers hundreds of guided meditations, which can help moms practice being present. Mamas could definitely do with more mindfulness to help ease the daily and sometimes compounding stress of raising kids and adulthood. Headspace makes it possible to gift someone a yearly subscription, which costs $69.99. If you’d prefer a three-month gift card, it costs $38.99. 

Pay For a Staycation 

Peace and quiet becomes a luxury when you have kids, and it’s hard to imagine there are moms who wouldn’t appreciate some. Paying for a staycation at a hotel or airbnb could be the ultimate gift for a tired mom. If you have the coins, consider choosing a hotel with a spa so they can enjoy a touch of luxury during their quiet time. Of course, think about who is going to watch the kids while she’s away, be it you, a partner or someone else she trusts. 

Therapy Sessions 

Raising emotionally healthy kids and trying to remain emotionally healthy at the same time can be hard. So many moms need help with the process and could benefit from a therapist to assist them in reconnecting with themselves and heal any baggage they’re carrying around. 

Consider curating a list of therapists for them to make the process easier and save time. Therapy for Black Girls is a great resource to use. If you think they’d appreciate it, you could pay for a few therapy sessions upfront for them to help them kickstart the process.  

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